Massages of KECL Chief Executive

President KECL Mr. Faiz Mohammad Waziri

Afghanistan is reconstructive and rehabilitee country. Multi-national companies, International NGOs, US and UN Agencies are focusing how to support, develop, reconstruct and provide a strong highly effective strategic path to Afghanistan. It is therefore need to play a positive role of every individual belongs to this country
It is the time for Afghan Nation to show how much they are sensitive and sincere to Afghanistan and what potential abilities they have to survive.
Khan Engineering Company limited proudly presents its qualitative services and products for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan and international community as a whole. While Iron industries plays back-bone role in development of each and every sector of human life and achievements. We look forward for opportunities to prove our self as a strong bridge between your endeavors and its completion and to be beside to your organization
Best regards,
Mr. Faiz Mohammad Waziri
President & Chief Executive